Copper Patch

Keeps germs away – all the time

Our phone follows us everywhere – home, workplace, outdoors and often even to the washroom. Cellphones are probably one of the most germ-infested things we touch daily; on an average one touches the phone over 2500 times a day!
Copper Patch, with its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and self-sterilizing properties, kills germs and bacteria on the go, keeping the phone surface germ-free! No recharging, no replacement and a durability of a lifetime!

Made of 99.7% pure high-grade copper

Keeps the surface germ-free, acts anti-bacterial

Sustainable, environment friendly

Handcrafted by artisans in India

Sticks on any even phone cover surface

No recharge or replacement required, Durability of a lifetime

What makes Copper Patch stand out?

Precious metal

Copper Patch is made of 99.7% pure high grade copper. No harmful metals, just pure nature!

Durability of a lifetime

No Recharge, no replacement required, and yet the patch benefits can last for generations.


Each patch has been handcrafted by artisans in India – that makes every piece unique and exquisite.

Scientific studies

Copper Patch benefits are backed by scientific studies that prove their anti-bacterial properties.

Product Description

Copper Patch not just reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, but also kills them on the go. Let your phone shine brighter and turn heads with your fashion statement. Copper Patch is handcrafted and made of pure high grade Copper. Compatible for almost all smartphone cases. Easy to stick and easy to detach.
Product dimension: 9cm x 6cm
Cleaning Tip: Pure copper naturally develops a patina over time. This does not reduce the anti-bacterial properties of copper. If necessary, polish with lemon + salt. Wipe off the mixture with a clean damp cloth or rinse off with clean water.

How to use Copper Patch?


The Copper Patch comes with a two-sided design. Front side has been hand-etched in a Modern pattern; the backside with sleek Matt pattern. You can select your design between Matt and Modern.



Once you have finalized your favorite design, stick the adhesive tape on the side that you do not select. This will naturally be the backside of your Copper Patch which gets stuck to your phone case.



Stick the Copper Patch at the back of your phone case. Place it well, depending on how you hold your phone the most.
Enjoy a germs-free phone surface thanks to the Copper Patch!


Germs and bacteria are rapidly killed on copper surfaces and copper ions released from the surface have been proposed to play a major role in the killing process. Copper inactivates a variety of pathogens by interacting with oxygen and modifying oxygen molecules. In bacteria, this disrupts the outer layer, damaging the genetic material and cell machinery, which can lead to cell death.
Read the detailed study by American Society for Microbiology here

The protective microbiostatic layer keeps on working and fighting germs as long as it remains in use. The anti-bacterial properties of Copper Patch can last for generations.

Copper, like any other precious metal, develops patina over time. This does not hamper the anti-bacterial properties of copper. The protective microbiostatic layer of the patch will keep on functioning even if it turns darker over time.

Copper is thermodynamic and absorbs heat and cold very quickly. If your phone tends to heat up while charging (mostly of you charge it overnight) or while being used excessively, we recommend removing the phone cover with Copper Patch to avoid heat absorption by Copper Patch. If your phone does not heat up, you can keep the Copper Patch on throughout!

Copper Patch is super easy to clean. Simply polish with lemon + salt. Wipe off the mixture with a clean damp cloth or rinse off with clean water.

Conductive surfaces like copper are known to interfere with phone signals. This was indeed one of our major design challenges. To exactly avoid this issue, we designed our Copper Patch in a way that it sticks on any literally any plain phone cover surface! You do not need to stick your Copper Patch to your phone directly. This way, your phone never comes in direct contact with the patch. Secondly, our design leaves key areas uncovered, allowing signals to move freely while disinfecting the areas of your phone that need it most. Also, we have a double-sided 3M tape that comes between your Copper Patch and your phone cover surface, thus the metal does not come in direct contact with your phone. Thanks to its perfect size and shape, Copper Patch is compatible for almost all phone types!