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With our multi-functional Copper Key, you can safely avoid filthy, contaminated surfaces in public areas. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and self-sterilizing properties, Copper Key not just stops germs, bacteria and viruses from spreading, but also kills them naturally without any harmful chemical processing.

  • Open public doors without direct hand contact.
  • Press supermarket pin pads, levers, ATM and lift buttons touch free.
  • Use as a stylish accessory and keychain.
  • Works as a handy bottle opener.
  • Heating, dents, scratches or discolouring do not affect the lifespan or performance of copper key.
  • If well handled, copper key has a durability of a lifetime.

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Important Tips

Keep copper key dry and away from salty, acidic environment. Dents, scratches or discolouring do not affect the lifespan or performance of copper key.
Cleaning Tips:
Pure copper naturally develops a patina over time. This does not reduce the anti-bacterial properties of copper. If necessary, polish with lemon + salt. Wipe off the mixture with a clean damp cloth or rinse off with clean water.

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