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Fome – Focus Meditation Oil


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FOME Oil Refills are a marvelous blend of rich Patchouli and grounding Frankincense. Exotic Patchouli has been used for thousands of years for its grounding and balancing effect on the mind and stimulating the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Civilizations from every corner of the earth have tapped into Frankincense’s incomparable healing properties. Frankincense deepens the breath – thus widely used in meditation, religious ceremonies and spiritual exercises since time immemorial. Its organic, woody scent has a balancing and regulating effect on mind.

“Aroma cushions and refill oils are hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged.”

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Focus Meditation Oil Refill

with 2 Oil Refill bottles, each 2 ml


INGREDIENTS : Essential oils of Patchouli and Frankincense, diluted in ACM (natural solvent for longlasting aroma diffusion)

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